VotePro is not your standard election portal. Our unique Activation Toolkit provides you with a suite of marketing tools to create urgency and share your message. VotePro puts you in the driver’s seat to rally your supporters to take action and vote.

Activation Toolkit

Personalized Voter

Voters fill out a simple form with their information and get personalized voting information immediately.

Voter Actions Block

Guide voters to what is most important to your campaign by highlighting actions like ballot request, polling location finder, and more.

State Information Map

Visualize and accurately find voting information for each state and territory on the Voting Information Map Block. All voting state-level information is maintained and curated by VotePro to ensure accuracy.

ProHeader Block

Make a statement as soon as voters reach your page by highlighting your campaign’s unique message with a flexible hero block with customizable content, images, videos, fonts, and more.

Pro Content Block

Showcase the messaging and creative that matters most with this flexible content, video, and photo block. Share a photo of a rally or event or upload a video of your choice to share what’s most important to your campaign. Visuals are a powerful tool and VotePro integrates them seamlessly.

Custom Election Timeline

Showcase a series of important dates clearly by using the timeline feature. Your timeline can include registration deadlines, ballot request and return deadlines, and more, to give voters all the information they need in one place.

Deadline Countdown

Prominently countdown to important Election days to drive home urgency and encourage users to take action.

Goal Thermometer

Allow voters to help you reach an important goal by inspiring them to act through social pressure.

Shot Clock

Create urgency by adding a timer that counts down from a customizable time.

Social Share

Pre-written prompts for voters to use on X (Twitter), Facebook, or LinkedIn – making it easier than ever to spread your message on social media.


Organize information into concise menus with as many categories as you need.

ProNav Block

Add navigation to the top of any page that features your logo and customizable buttons.

Marketing & Performance Capabilities

Custom Voter Action Buttons

Drive to the specific call-to-action you need by adding any voter action (Request a Ballot, Find Polling Location, etc.) as a button on any VotePro feature block.

Built-In Sign Up Form

Collect the voter information that is important to you in one form while building your email and SMS list to encourage voter engagement.

Easy-To-Use Block Style WordPress CMS

The VotePro tool is easily customizable for people at any skill level— no coding required.

Full Customizable Branding and Style

You can build your page with your own custom images, logos, and fonts, making a truly unique and memorable user experience that is perfectly suited to your candidate.

Custom Website and Domain Hosting

Make a custom website domain that is personalized to your campaign and easy for voters to remember.

Flexible Page Layouts, Unlimited Page Creation

It’s your campaign– flexible page layouts allow you to have full control over your constituents’ user experience.

Form Capture Data to Enhance and Empower Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns

Track everything a voter does from requesting and returning ballots, looking up locations, and everything in-between. VotePro tracks all these actions and gives you the voter’s contact information and UTM tracking data so you can be more strategic with your Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.

Comprehensive, Custom Data Tracking

Let VotePro work for you with built in comprehensive data tracking capabilities like UTM, GTM, and Google Analytics

Flexible Language Translation Plug-In

Republicans’ winning message can’t afford to get lost in translation. VotePro’s language translation plug-in allows you to translate your page into a language of your choice.

Mobile Optimized

These days, our lives are on our phones. VotePro fully optimizes every page for mobile to keep your ground game running at peak performance, no matter where you are.

Partner Support

VotePro offers customer service for back-end users so you can be confident that your questions will never go unanswered, and your site can be the best it can be.